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Delivering Success in Today’s Retail Environment

As retailers face unique and growing challenges every day. In the digital age, mobile access has changed how customers shop. Instant access to market-wide price comparisons, available inventory, discounts and coupons have all affected retailer profits. The need to do more with less is increasingly important. 

Today we're giving an overview of Aukoo’s integrated retail security solutions to maximize your business performance and profits. Business intelligence for enhanced security and customer experience is the future of retail business.

Aukoo security solution enable retailers to tackle safety and security, loss prevention, marketing and operational efficiency. Shoplifters, internal theft, and safety issues such as slip and falls or acts of violence can be addressed with video surveillance. Now, business intelligence can provide additional data to help retailers improve efficiency and gain customer loyalty by catering the shopping experience to their interests.

Security Systems that Ensure Safety of Employees, Customers, and Assets

Any retailer is vulnerable to internal and external factors that affect customer service, overall safety, and profits. Aukoo is leading the security industry, providing technology that deters theft and provides valuable business intelligence for improved operational efficiencies and customer experience. Aukoo security solutions are designed to ensure the safety of employees, customers and assets, and also provide:

• Technologies to deter and reduce theft, vandalism, and violence

• Industry-leading analytics and Deep Learning technology to deliver actionable business data for operations, marketing, and loss prevention

• Tools to optimize the customer experience and help build brand loyalty

The Goal is to Help Small & Large Retailers Maximize Profits

Whether you are responsible for a single retail store or thousands, Aukoo has a suite of solutions to help retailers maximize profits, ensure high quality customer service, and manage safety and security concerns. Enterprise-wide management of your stores from a centralized location is achieved with a central management software system, HikCentral. A fully scalable system, HikCentral provides long-term sustainability and supports cutting-edge analytics such as human and vehicle detection, people counting, behaviour detection, facial recognition, and point-of-sale integration. This robust platform meets the needs of budget-conscious retailers. Proactive health monitoring facilitates continuous system operation and provides alarm notifications and access to key video via mobile phone or tablet. In addition to centralized management, Aukoo’s wide array of cameras meet many unique retail industry requirements with turret, dome, and bullet models. Specialty cameras such as thermal, multi-imager, fisheye, mini multi-sensor and mini PTZs offer additional options. DarkFighter technology provides clear, color images in extreme low light conditions, capturing parking lot events with poor lighting conditions. Aukoo’s comprehensive portfolio of security products is aimed at protecting retailer profits.

More than just monitoring ..... The video surveillance data is also key business data for Marketing, Operations, and Loss Prevention

Aukoo’s robust suite of retail-centric features provides a myriad of data to further improve operational efficiencies and ensure customer satisfaction. These features include the following:

• HikCentral CMS (Central Management System): Capable of managing video across multiple store locations.

• Customer Heat Mapping: Indicates high traffic areas for marketing optimization.

• Line Queueing: Provides data for customer wait times, optimizing staff levels, and ensuring a high level of customer service.

• People Counting: Conversion data to assist operations in managing labor allocation at peak service times as well as maximizing cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

• Point-of-Sale (POS) Integration: Integrate in-store video with POS data for transaction verification and prevention of costly customer exceptions.

• Facial Recognition: Highly accurate facial recognition capable of identifying known criminals, trespassers or repeat shoplifters as well as providing frictionless access control for employees.

• Human/Vehicle Detection: Delivers extremely accurate alerts by eliminating motion sources other than humans or vehicles, depending on settings.

• DarkFighter Technology: Provides clear images in low light conditions such as parking lots and dumpster areas.

Now let's talk about value and cost savings


Aukoo’s value line of cameras, DVRs and NVRs allow retailers to deploy more technology while meeting budget requirements. 


H.265+ video compression technology reduces video bitrate streaming between 60 to 80 percent over the current H.264 industry standard. Leveraging H.265 and H.265+ greatly reduces network bandwidth usage and lowers storage requirements, leading to significant cost savings and better video transmissions over limited bandwidth. This provides a lower infrastructure investment that delivers high quality video.


Robust edge analytics are included in Aukoo cameras to enhance system productivity. These standard analytics coupled with Hikvision’s retail-centric analytics such as queue monitoring, people counting, heat mapping, and POS integrations, ensure efficient operations.



TurboHD, with resolutions up to 4K, facilitates the move to high definition video by utilizing existing coaxial cable infrastructure, saving time and money. A TurboHD solution can often save up to 30 to 50 percent when compared with a similar IP conversion project.


Leveraging the HikCentral software platform to manage multiple store locations can potentially boost profits. The cloud-based point-of-sale integration merges POS data with associated video, providing better visibility into financial transactions. Utilize exception reporting to view trends and identify potentially fraudulent activity.

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Please take your time to browse our catalog and website for detailed product information and do not hesitate to reach out to one of our specialized account managers should you wish to further discuss your security needs.
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