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An Overview of ANPR Technology


Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) improves parking entrance management and site security. ANPR devices work by scanning vehicle license plate to identify vehicles.

The ability to identify vehicles at parking entrances can bring tremendous benefits for businesses and organizations. For example, managers in schools, offices, and factories can improve entrance security with ANPR.

In the past, Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) has been costly, unreliable, and only relevant for a limited number of applications. Errors were commonplace and the available hardware could not read every licence plate reliably and consistently, and so could not operate without human confirmation, which makes the tool essentially redundant.  Additionally, low-light areas, oblique vantage points, and non-standard characters caused issues in detecting and capturing number plates.

New version ANPR cameras are engineered with deep learning algorithms and GPU processors, which makes them extremely accurate. The utra-high number plate recognition rate ensures that human confirmation is no longer needed – more than sufficient to overcome previous challenges. 

Aukoo's ANPR systems “learn” number plate information within a scene, recognizing a much higher number of automobile plates and with much higher efficiency than conventional ANPR systems. They also no longer require the frequent and often cumbersome camera positioning adjustments.

Application Scenarios

ANPR's efficiency and flexibility makes it perfect for the following applications:

  • Entrance & exit management / barrier control
  • Blacklist alarm and VIP list notification
  • Post-event investigation for forensics
  • Toll management on highways or parking lots

Featured Products

2MP License Plate Recognition IP Bullet Camera NC512-VBA32-LPR

2MP License Plate Recognition DeepinView IP Bullet Camera NC612-VBZ/LPR

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