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Utility Maximization: How to choose your DVR

Utility Maximization: How to choose your DVR

Is a 4k camera the all-time best option for your home security? Sure it offers the highest resolution and clarity, the main consideration is how to pair your camera, video recorder (DVR/NVR), and hard drive within your budget, also in a utility maximized solution though.  
Here below we will explain with examples Turret Camera: AC324, AC326, AC318 along with DVR AR324, AR326, AR328. 


4k comparison
Camera Model AC324 AC326 AC318
Image Censor 2MP 5MP 8MP
Resolution 1080p 1944p 2160p (4K)
Frame Rate 1080p@30fps 1944p@20fps 2160p@15fps
IR Distance Up to 40m Up to 40m Up to 60m
Protection IP66 IP67 IP67
HDD Pair Up Max. 6TB Max. 8TB Max. 10TB


DVR Model AR324 AR326 AR328
8 channel DVR
4K Output Option Yes Yes Yes
Work With 2MP camera (1 channel up to 3MP)
5MP camera (1 channel up to 8MP)
8MP (4K) camera


High Resolution Pairing Up

A security system includes cameras, a video recorder (DVR/NVR), a hard drive and a screen. Simply, the AC324 goes with DVR AR324; AC326 goes with DVR AR326 and; AC318 goes with DVR AR328. Keep in mind that the level of DVR must be equal, or higher than the camera to fully show the camera specifications. In the other hand, if you are using DVR AR328 which processes 8MP(4K) video, you could match any level of cameras in different channels with that DVR. Don't forget you will need a 4K screen too!

*Basic Rule: Level of DVR ≥ Level of cameras


The compression, resolution and bitrate of the footages all affect the file size in the storage, which determines the size of the hard drive you have to use and the keeping time of your footages. Using a 6TB hard drive as an example, with AC324 and AR324, you could keep the surveillance footages for at least 40 days. At least 25 days for AC326 and AR326; and at least 20 days for AC318 and AR328. If you use an 8MP(4K) camera but would like to keep more footage in a period, a CCTV camera can always be adjusted to lower fps and resolution.

While all cameras and DVRs have their pros and cons, the only concern is how to pair and come up with a perfect security system that fits your needs perfectly. Chat with us and see how could we help you!


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