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NLC101 Smart Security Light Camera

NLC101 Smart Security Light Camera

 We’ve tested tons of home security cameras for backyards and we know what’s important to look for ------ most homeowners find it helpful to have a security camera with accurate motion sensing and lighting capacity. Our new NLC 101 Smart Security Light Camera does exactly both, and it’s even more enhanced in terms of light control, night vision, waterproof and dustproof, and aesthetic design. 

01 Night Vision / Active Protection

As an outstanding outdoor security camera for backyard, NLC101 records in 1080 Full HD Resolution, and you can live view the camera and playback the recorded video at any time from anywhere. With its 270 degree PIR sensor and 2500 LM SMD LED lamp, it will provide your property with active protection during night time. When human motion detection is triggered, the lamp will light up, and push a notification to the Guarding Vision App on your phone. The night vision can reach up to 60ft (18.5 meters). 

02 Adjustable Lighting

With the 2500 LM SMD LED lamp, NLC101 is designed to support various lighting needs ----- brightness and angles, and is thus able to adapt to different settings and scenarios. 


03 Smart Detection 

NLC 101 utilizes 270 degree PIR human detection sensor, and you can set your customized alert area up to 10 meters so that if someone enters the designated area, the lighting will automatically turn on, without a siren alarm. When human motion detection is triggered, the lamp will light up, and push a notification to the Guarding Vision App on your phone. The camera will keep recording the video in the meanwhile for your live view or playback.


04 Strong and Stable Wi-Fi Connection

With built-in dual-antenna, NLC 101 supports strong and stable wireless connection, meeting your security needs under different situations. Besides, NLC 101 has built-in microphone and speaker, and 2-way audio with noise cancellation. The solid design with cast aluminum and plastic make it a great add-on to your beautiful backyard.


Our new NLC 101 is upgraded from previous models to include stronger night vision, active protection with 100db siren, human detection with push notification, 2-way audio with noise cancellation, and automatic lighting with adjustable brightness and angles. It is truly an aesthetically clean, all-in-one, powerful security camera that meets all your security needs. 

NLC 101 is suitable for single house backyard, townhouse backyard, neighborhood, or any other public space. Contact Aukoo for more information if you’re interested!


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