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Network Troubleshooting in Three Steps

Network Troubleshooting in Three Steps

During a video recorder installation, most installers find network problem the most complicated issue at their wits’ end. Even when every camera’s ready and connected, what should we do if the channel status prompts “Network Unreachable”? Don’t panic, here we provide you a network solution in only three steps. 

Ordinary Video Recorder 

The network issue is generally caused by an abnormal network connection. After entering the video recorder dashboard, follow these steps to see the network status and updates in “IP Channel Interface”: Configuration → Channel Management → Channel Configuration → IP Channel Interface

Select the channel that reports an error "Network unreachable", delete and refresh to see the updated status in the “Online Device List”. Then follow the steps below: 

  1. If the IP address of the corresponding camera cannot be refreshed, that means the network issue may be due to a failed signal transmission from the camera to the recorder. It is recommended to check the camera’s power supply, and if the cable and wiring are well connected first.

  2. If the IP address of the corresponding camera can be refreshed but network remains unreachable, check whether the IP address of the refreshed camera is in the same network segment as the IP address of the recorder. Confirm the IP address of the recorder at: Configuration → Network Configuration → Basic Configuration Interface

  3. If it is not in the same network segment, modify the IP network segment of the camera (i.e.: the digits before the third dots of the IP address) to be consistent with the video recorder’s. For example, if the IP address of a video recorder is, change the IP address of the camera starting with 192.168.2 network segment to connect them normally. On the “Online Device List” page, find the deleted camera, then select and click “Edit”. After modifying the network segment of the IP address, click “Add” to confirm camera information input. Configuration → Channel Management → Channel Configuration → IP Channel → Online Device List 

Through the above three steps, the "Network Unreachable" issue can be solved easily. However, the solution process is slightly different if the video recorder is a PoE one. 

PoE Video Recorder 

When camera is connected to the PoE port 

Generally using PoE video recorder with PoE port connected, the reasons of the issue “Network Unreachable” could be a wrong channel configuration in the video recorder or failed network cable connection between the video recorder and cameras. Also, confirm that the access mode of the IP channel is a “plug and play” one instead of manual in the channel management dashboard. If the network still doesn’t work, then follow the steps below:  

  1. When the cable and channel settings are checked as well connected, then we can try resetting the camera to its default settings. Connect a computer network port and one of the PoE network ports on the video recorder with a network cable. Make sure you are connecting the PoE port instead of the LAN port. 

  2. When the computer and equipment are all connected to the PoE port of the video recorder, then access the camera IP on webpage. After logging in, restore the camera’s default settings according to these steps: Configuration → System → System maintenance → Completely restored to the factory settings 
  3. Then unplug the network cable of the camera from the PoE network port of the recorder, and reconnect it. 

When the camera is connected to the LAN port 

Since the PoE binding function is newly added to the NVR4.0Lite system, if this network error occurs when the camera is connected to the LAN port, the troubleshooting method will be just the same as that of the ordinary video recorder prompting "Network Unreachable". 

Aukoo After-sales Services

The solutions above can help you a lot on time-saving during a security system installation. Of course, you can always call us directly and our technical support team will be here for you too. Register or contact us to know more about our after-sales services! 

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