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Aukoo Solutions: Meeting Your Video Surveillance Needs

Have you ever thought about a better solution for your clients?

As a first tier authorizer dealer of the largest video surveillance manufacturer in the world, we offer customers with an extensive selection of the best performance CCTV products to meet the demands of the customer and support our partners. We have worked with various local security companies and contractors to enhance and streamline their security needs. We are not only committed to provide our customers with exceptional service, but also devoted to maintain long-term customer relationships. 

From residential houses office buildings to shopping malls, Aukoo offers a full suite of solutions. More than just about enjoying state-of-the-art security systems, it’s also about utilizing these very products to improve operational efficiency and make your workflow more intelligent. Whether it’s small to medium-sized projects that need only a few dozen devices, or large projects that require thousands, Aukoo continually delivers sharp insight and create value for our partners. Each industry faces unique challenges, and that’s why all of our solutions are tailored to the specific needs in each scenario.

Safety in Prevention

Aukoo solutions for school, community and commercial areas can deter theft, vandalism, bullying, and violence, and also provide administrators with actionable intelligence and response capabilities designed to limit the impact of those intent on inflicting damage, pain and suffering.


Cost Savings

Aukoo ‘s value line of cameras, DVRs and NVRs allow retailers to deploy more technology while meeting budget requirements. Providing this level of savings coupled with Hikvision’s less than one percent technology failure rate ensures retailers have access to the finest full-coverage security system. 


No Software Maintenance Fee

Unlike traditional central management software platforms that charge expensive annual software maintenance fees for access to the latest versions and feature sets, Aukoo does not charge retailers fees when they use HikCentral to manage multiple store locations. This benefit translates to an annual cost savings of thousands of dollars.


We believe that demanding solutions start with better technology. When the demands of the application require leading technologies to guarantee that video data is available in all lighting conditions, at all times of day, in the most demanding environments, Aukoo provides solutions that will meet those demands.

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