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Cololight Triangle KIT 6pcs

Original price $7,505.00 - Original price $7,505.00
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$7,505.00 - $7,505.00
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  • 16 Millions of Colors: Your cololight strip features millions of colors for combinations built to suit every mood, making your home the ultimate entertainment destination.
  • Music Mode: Built-in sound responsive microphone makes it a "live" light. Led strip flashes along with music beats, handclaps and other sounds. First choice to fire up a party and decorate events like Halloween, Christmas.
  • Extendable and Flexible: Lengthen your Cololight Strip up to 8 meters with the Extension kit to light up tighter spaces you previously couldn't. (Sold Separately)
  • Ultra-thin Panel
  • Customize Freely: Maximum light effect customization with individual bead control.
  • Dynamic Effects
  • Group APP Control with any other Cololight Products.
  • Wall mount and stable connected App remote control